LaViande – Australian Alpaca

What is LaViande™

LaViandé™ is premium farmed Alpaca

Our producers range in size from smaller, family farmed properties to larger holdings. Each, and every one of them are committed to the upkeep of their land through sustainable farming methods and humane treatment of their animals. They are proud to raise alpaca that meet the high quality standards necessary to be called LaViandé™

About the Name

The name LaViandé™ reaches back to the Alpaca’s origins, combining La (for Latin) and Viandé (meat) hence LaViandé™ meaning Latin or South American meat!

Enjoy the Taste Sensation!


From the fresh, open farmlands of the Adelaide Hills comes a
meat so tender, so delicious, that we gave it its own name.

It’s called LaViandé™ – naturally tender Alpaca.

LaViande™ Promotional Brochure

The above text is taken from the LaViande Restaurant Promotional Brochure, which is available for download from the LaViande web site.

latest news

2008 World Alpaca Conference

LaViande™ is proud to be a silver sponsor of the 2008 World Alpaca Conference.

Alpaca Cuts Brochure

LaViande™ has been working with the Australian Government Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation and Ausmeat to create a Carcase and Cuts Specification for Alpaca Meat.

You can now download this brochure from the LaViande™ web site.

14th Annual Alpaca Show

Our Chef, Ariel Funes, cooking LaViande™ at the 14th Annual Alpaca Show held in Melbourne